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Piedmont Green CBD

250mg Full Spectrum CBD Oils

250mg Full Spectrum CBD Oils

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Piedmont Green CBD Oils are processed right here in central North Carolina using all locally grown, North Carolina organic hemp flower. All of our full-spectrum CBD tinctures are flavored with all natural, organic extracts.

Suffering from irregular sleep, anxiety, pain, or nausea?

CBD has been scientifically proven to help! Visit our CBD Education page for more information and to find your perfect dosage.

Our new 2022 batch utilizes a new & improved CBD extraction method, Sub-Critical CO2 extraction! This new method has produced a CBD extract MUCH more full-spectrum than our previous batches! It contains high levels of CBDa & CBGa which have been found in recent studies to increase immune support & possibly prevent viral infection. Our new extract also contains high levels of CBC which have been found in research to be incredible for anti-inflammation & pain management.

If you are used to our previous CBD oils, you will notice that this batch is more effective, yet it has a spicy, heavy hemp flavor to it. This is due to the high levels of terpenes, which gives cannabis its flavor & aroma. Terpenes have been found to increase the effects of cannabinoids through the entourage effect, giving additional benefits and making an even more full-spectrum CBD extract.

  • >8mg CBD per milliliter
  • 3 flavors
  • 30ml volume
  • Full-Spectrum (Below .39% delta9-THC)
  • Full-Panel 3rd party lab tested for quality assurance

Ingredients: USDA Organic MCT Oil, Full-Spectrum CBD Distillate, All-Natural Flavor Extracts

Unflavored - Natural terpenes grown in the same plants we extract our CBD from give this unflavored CBD oil a spicy, hempy, almost hoppy flavor. Terpenes are known to work in conjunction with Cannabinoids to produce a stronger effect

Peppermint - USDA organic peppermint oil almost completely covers the spicy, hempy flavor and gives a refreshing, minty taste. Peppermint oils is known to be beneficial for digestive health.

Blueberry Dream - Flavored with all natural cannabis derived terpene profile from the famous strain "Blue Dream" blended with an all natural blueberry flavoring oil! Bright & floral cannabis flavor on first taste followed by sweet blueberries once swallowed.

Directions for use:

CBD oils are most effective when applied sublingually, meaning under the tongue.

Start with .5ml doses on a consistent daily schedule. Increase dose as needed once for desired results.

CONSISTENCY IS KEY. For the most successful results, use every day on a consistent time frame.

Shipping & Returns

Free First-Class shipping through USPS. Orders placed before 8pm are mailed the following morning.

No returns on any used products. Please reference our Refund Policy for full details.

Care Instructions

CBD products are best kept in a cool, dark area. Do not allow CBD products to exceed 160 degrees F or to be in direct sunlight for any period of time. Some products can change flavor above 120 degrees F.

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