3rd Party Lab Testing - COAs

3rd Party lab analysis/testing is the industry standard for quality assurance.

With a little education on how to read them, you can be an expert CBD product consumer and know how to tell which products are worth trying!

Below we will show you our COAs, how to read them, and give tips on what to look for from anyone selling cannabinoid infused products.

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USDA 3rd party lab testing for all CBD products

First of 2 - State Required Cannabinoid Testing

For compliance with the hemp farming pilot programs adopted by the NCDA as well as most other states across the U.S., farmers are required by law to have these first two COAs completed at specified times. 

For this first COA, hemp farmers are required to notify the NCDA when their plants transition into the flowering stage, meaning when the plants start producing the bud structure that produces cannabinoids like CBD & THC. The NCDA sends out an agent to take trimmings from the top buds of our plants and collect them for 3rd party lab testing. The NCDA contracts out this service to an ISO & DEA certified analytical testing lab called Delta-9 Analytical. They test the buds to ensure that the THC content is at or below the Federal legal limit of .3% and so long as it is, the crop is approved to harvest. 

Since Delta-9 Analytical was the NCDA contracted hemp testing lab and USDA licensed as well, we are currently using them for all our 3rd party lab testing.

Delta 9 Analytical 3rd party lab testing for 2021 hemp biomass

Second of 2 - State Required Cannabinoid Testing

The second state required cannabinoid test is to be conducted on a hemp farmer's flower post-harvest. This is required to be done before the product is either sold or processed into CBD products. So long as the Delta-9 THC level is at or below .3%, the harvest is approved to take to market or be processed for finished CBD goods. As you can see in the COA to the right, our 2020 harvest tested out at .06% Delta-9 THC, well below the Federal legal limit that defines hemp. 


Always be sure to look for company information on the COA. On the COA to the right you can clearly see in the top right corner Piedmont Green company details. Many CBD companies have been posting COAs on their website or linking through QR codes to COAs that show no business information whatsoever. This means that they are using a "shared" COA and there is no possible way of knowing whether the product you are using is the same product tested in the COA. Avoid any company that does not have their business info on their COAs. 

Post-Processing Full Panel COA Full-Spectrum CBD Extract

At Piedmont Green CBD, we firmly believe that full panel COAs for CBD distillate are vital for the health of our clients as well as the future of the cannabis industry in North Carolina!
Full panel COAs contain all the testing required of fully regulated legal cannabis states such as California, Colorado, & Oregon. 

Cannabinoid Content•Residual Solvents•Pesticides•Heavy Metals•Microbials•Mycotoxins

  • Cannabinoid Content

    In CBD distillate, the Delta-9 THC level is not limited by the federal nor state government. This is because CBD distillate is the ingredient used to infuse CBD into a support oil and if need be, into another product entirely. It is then the responsibility of the CBD product manufacturer to utilize a 3rd party analytics lab to ensure that the Delta-9 THC level in the finished, labeled CBD product is at or below .3%. 

  • Residual Solvents

    At Piedmont Green CBD we utilize a subcritical CO2 extraction process to produce our Full-Spectrum CBD extract. This processing method gives us the ability to produce a more full-spectrum extract not only high in CBD levels but also CBG, CBC, CBDa, and more! As you can see in our Full Panel COA, our distillate tested out as ND on all solvents meaning Non-Detectable. 

  • Heavy Metals, Microbials, Mycotoxins

    Hemp has an uncanny ability to absorb whatever is in the soil it is grown in. Heavy metals, microbials, and mycotoxins(fungus) appear quite frequently and it is imperative that CBD companies test their extract for these substances. Our most recent extract tested out with no microbials, mycotoxins, and very low levels of heavy metals below the California limits for medicinal marijuana.

  • Pesticides

    All hemp farmers know that the biggest struggle is pest damage. At Piedmont Green CBD, we use all organic practices on our farm. Our only pest management is done using natural predators and OMRI listed insecticides. 
    Although this, we ended up testing out with VERY low levels of 3 pesticides. The COA shows parts per billion just over 700 at the highest. LOQ is the lowest possible level that is detectable and that is at 100 PPB, making this near trace levels. Also, California limits the following pesticides that showed up in our full panel as follows:
    Malathion - CA limit of 5000 ppb
    Permethrin- CA limit of 20,000 ppb
    Pyrethrins- CA limit of 1000 ppb
    According to industry standards, our CBD extract tested out to be free of pesticides.